Art, Magic & Literary Bodices

We all have words we carry with us. We might find them in a book, song lyrics, or something a loved one says. When you first stumbled upon your words, you may have leaned back in your seat and thought to yourself "holy shit - that's it." As in "that's what I've been trying to say" or "that's exactly what I needed to hear." 

These words become part of us because they contain a powerful sort of magic. When called upon, they help us feel stronger than we might believe or more loved than we might imagine. 

Recently, Steff Leigh (@musingsofbuffyleigh) reached out to SvC designer/creator Lex Devine on Instagram to talk about creating a custom literary bodice. Lex got something of her dream client, here: someone who a) has cool ideas, b) is down to collaborate on any adjustments and c) wants to create art out of something personal & meaningful to her. 

Steff wrote about her Squirrel vs. Coyote experience on her blog, which you can check out here. She also wrote about the source of her words in another entry. It's a beautiful post, we highly recommend giving it a read as well.

Taking someone's sacred words and transforming them into a tangible piece of art is always an honor. Thank you for trusting Squirrel vs. Coyote with your words, Steff. May your new bodice help you feel like the powerful badass you are.