I contain multitudes, smokey quartz/ agate necklace

$52.20 $58
"I am large I contain multitudes"

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Length: 30" chain
  • Closure: lobster clasp
  • Hand-stamped
  • Materials:
    • Gold and Black Plated Chain
    • Raw smokey Quartz or Stout Agate
      Nickel Free
      Note: Due to the nature of hand stamping and stones, 
      no two pieces are ever identical.

      While we have pre-stamped words and phrases available, we love creating custom stamps. Nothing makes us happier than designing accessories which reflect individual styles and outlooks. Plus, the ability to personalize our hand-stamped products makes them incredible gifts. 

      To customize any of our hand-stamped products, simply contact us with your request. 

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