“Everyone needs to feel this power. 
Anyone who feels scared,
or like they can’t find their voice, 
I want to give that power to everyone.
 -  Alexis Devine, Creator 
(pictured above)


Squirrel vs. Coyote is a jewelry and accessories studio founded by artist Alexis Devine.

A self-taught armorer, Devine set out to provide an internal strength through external protection. She transforms traditional chainmaille into modern and functional works of art, with the hope that those who wear her garments will feel strong, sexy, and empowered.  

At the root of Squirrel vs. Coyote is the experience of holding conflicting desires:

Wanting to fight and wanting to flee. 
How you’re expected to behave and what you wish you could say. 
What is right and what is comfortable.

The Squirrel Collection is designed to support the daily grind. It’s a little bit easier to toe the line at a day job when you’re wearing a piece of your true identity. A little less difficult to deal with tough coworkers when your bracelet discreetly proclaims “fuck you.” Readymade products at an affordable price point, providing a steady antidote to reality.

The Coyote Collection is for that wild, impulsive place inside. The one we often keep hidden away in order to survive in the world. Custom-made couture, designed specifically for a single individual. These extreme statement pieces are often created for performances, festivals, or special events. When not being worn, they demand to be displayed as sculpture. Serving as a tangible representation of the sacred space within, where the soul is completely free.