Ouija Stamped Necklace (Large)


Communicate with the spirit world
while running around the real one.

Some of the silver plates have a hint of pink,
a natural result of stamping and oxidization.
It's really quite stunning, we think you'll agree.

The Nitty Gritty:

    Note: Due to the nature of hand stamping, 
    no two pieces are ever identical.

    *Ouija game board picture is for reference only*

    Like all metals, brass may tarnish over time. Fortunately, there are simple (and super cheap) ways to correct this:

      • Using a cloth or toothbrush, go over the item with soapy, warm water.
      • If additional care is needed, rub a thin layer of ketchup (yes, ketchup!) or tomato paste on the product.
      • Let sit for about 15 seconds.
      • Rinse with hot, soapy water.

    While we have pre-stamped words and phrases available, we love creating custom stamps. Nothing makes us happier than designing accessories which reflect individual styles and outlooks. Plus, the ability to personalize our hand-stamped products makes them incredible gifts. 

    To customize any of our hand-stamped products, simply contact us with your request. 

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